What Makes Santa Monica, CA So Special

What Makes Santa Monica, CA So Special

What Makes Santa Monica So Special

Santa Monica, California

Every place on Earth is beautiful in its own way. Some places are known for their natural beauty, some places rest in the hearts of people because of prosperous development, while some places owe their fame to the rich historical heritage. One way or another Earth as a whole was designed by nature to be a special sustainable sphere enclosed in the bubble of atmosphere. So, what makes Santa Monica, California so special?

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Santa Monica, California being a beachfront city is very well known for its beaches and everyone knows about it. But there are so many amazing things that you can do in Santa Monica, California and you might not know about them. Therefore, we will help you explore Santa Monica, California here in a unique way.


Santa Monica Beach: You’ll have to agree with me on one thing here, which is that Santa Monica owes its fame to the pleasant climate and the beach. If you ever happen to visit Los Angeles but didn’t reach Santa Monica Beach, consider it as you have never been to Los Angeles. This beach is categorized among the finest beaches in the neighborhood and here you can do all the activities as you please which includes water activities as well.


Santa Monica Pier: If you are not a beach type person or want to do something else because you are not in the mood of getting wet, visiting the Pacific Park in Santa Monica Pier is the second best thing to do in Santa Monica. At Pacific Park you’ll definitely lose track of time as you proceed to get the best of the adventurous roller coaster. Besides that you can enjoy different rides and visit other special places such as Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and the New York Trapeze School.


Third Street Promenade: Now that you’ve had fun at the beach and you’ve been to the Santa Monica Pier, the next best thing for you will be heading to Third Street Promenade. It is the most lively market place in Santa Monica, California where you can buy all you want and eat delicious foods, But what makes Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California so special is the street performances by the street performers in the market.


Everything else in Santa Monica, California: After you are done visiting the best places in Santa Monica, California, now is your time to climb some stairs, ride a bike and skate all day or maybe shop a little as well. That means there is a lot more fun to have till the sun goes down. There is a place in Santa Monica, California which goes by the name of Santa Monica Stairs and if you think if you’re something of a fitness freak, you should definitely try to go up those steep stairs. Or if you’re interested in doing some elite quality skating or a bike ride, head on to “The Strand” which is formally named as The Marvin Braude Beach Trail. You’ll be provided everything you need to enjoy these activities right there with no strings attached. You should also consider Santa Monica Place which is famous for shopping, not shop lifting though! You need to try some clothes on there and definitely dine there because we get to hear a lot about their clothing range and the delicious and unique cuisine.


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