Fun Things To Do In Santa Monica

Fun Things To Do In Santa Monica

Things To Do In Santa Monica

The city of Santa Monica has a historically rich history, one that is present and a bright future. The coastal city of Los Angeles houses movie stars, beachfront properties, theme parks and vast areas of natural beauty. Santa Monica is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination on the South American coast. Here is a quick guide to what you can do if you have the opportunity to visit this bustling city at any time.

Santa Monica Beach

First, let’s talk about this beautiful stretch of white sand beach, which is located next to the cliffs of Ocean Boulevard. Santa Monica Beach Known for years as a destination, when Hollywood gets too hot, Santa Monica beach not only has great waves of sand and waves but also has a gentle bike path along dozens of kilometers to along the coast. This place in itself will give you a lot to do, but if you do not relax too much in the sun, Santa Monica is not just for this famous beach.

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Muscle Beach / Venice

A short walk or walk from the bike path to the south, you can discover the famous Muscle beach and the Venice promenade. All kinds of crazy gestures save you money: you will find houses of entertainment, culture, art, trinkets, good food, bars, and exclusive shops. You will also see Muscle Beach, where Arnold posed and stood up long before becoming a terminator. Today you will find a new generation of Bavarian bodybuilders who continue the tradition. If you have time, reserve a paddle tennis court, put on your shoes and hit the balls. This unique sport in California is like a miniature tennis game; Although it is smaller, it more than compensates for its size in terms of pure fun and adrenaline.

Santa Monica Place

The devotion to Santa Monica, recently renovated (and now homeless), is anchored at the southern end of the Third Street Promenade. Throughout the years, the place of Santa Mónica was another great commercial center, but after a renovation in the last summer, the commercial center was devastated and first-class premises were created. Today, the mall is a true extension of the seafront and adds to the shops, restaurants, and entertainment you can have in the area.

Aquarium in Santa Monica

Located just below the pier in Santa Monica, the aquarium is a little known (or advertised) place ideal for children and adults.


Cycling Santa Monica is fast becoming a very friendly city for cyclists. There are literally miles of bike lanes in and around the city. There are also many bicycle rentals in the area, so it is worth visiting the city and exercising at the end, going hand in hand. Santa

Monica Museum of Flying

Initially, the city was built largely not only on the sea but also on the small track built by Douglas, built for the construction of small fighter jets. Hundreds of houses in and around the city have been built to accommodate airline employees and their families. Today, there is a large museum of airport robberies in Santa Monica, which contains old planes and not only tells the story of the flight, but also the history of Santa Monica.

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