Sports Chiropractor V.S. Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Chiropractor V.S. Sports Medicine Physician

The Difference Between a Sports Chiropractor and a Sports Medicine Physician

Athletes might be required to take the help of various types of medical professionals following an injury. In fact, their primary care doctor can also refer them to any particular sports medicine doctor for further investigation and treatment. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have discussed the topic: how do sports chiropractors compare with other sports medicine providers. We will talk about each of these sports medicine providers one by one.

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1. Sports medicine doctors (orthopedic) These are actually orthopedic surgeons who have undergone special training dealing with operative treatment. Their training consists of four years of medical schooling, five years of orthopedic residency, one year of further study in sports medicine, as well as some other certificates. These types of sports physicians will be responsible for diagnosing, treating, as well as managing musculoskeletal issues in general that include joint and bone infections, fractures, ligament injuries, dislocations, tendinitis, spine and limb deformities, and so forth.

2. Sports medicine doctors (primary care) This category of sports medicine practitioners can be family medicine physicians, pediatricians, as well as other medical practitioners with specialized training in the department of sports medicine. Their training consists of four years of medical schooling and three years of general residency training. Apart from this, some of them might undergo a couple of additional years of fellowship training plus CAQ (Certificate of Added Qualification). They primarily deal with diagnosing, treating, and also managing musculoskeletal as well as medical problems including dislocations, fractures, tendinitis, strains and sprains, cartilage injuries, diabetes, stress fractures, eating disorders, and so forth.

3. Certified athletic trainers ATC or certified athletic trainers will be the first individual to evaluate you following an injury. They will help to assess injuries and also provide the initial care as well. Moreover, they can refer you to other medical specialists for further treatment. It is important for these types of sports medicine doctors to undergo a fouryear degree in athletic training apart from being rigorously tested so as to become certified in the long run. These individuals will be working closely with physical therapists, physicians, as well as other members of the sports medical team. They can act as a valuable link between the injured sportsmen and their trainers to aid in explaining the injury as well as the treatment.

4. Physical therapists You might be referred to a physical therapist by your medical practitioner who can help you to recuperate from your injury. These types of sports medicine doctors usually have a bachelor’s degree, although many of them undergo doctoral or Masters level training as well. They are mainly adept at treating musculoskeletal injuries and the techniques applied by them consist of manual therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, ultrasound, as well as therapeutic workouts. Several physical therapists are likewise accredited as athletic trainers by providing both the services.

5. Sports Chiropractors A typical sports chiropractor is going to receive a doctorate following four years of postgraduate training and he or she is meant for dealing with musculoskeletal injuries and pain. However, many of these chiropractors also focus on the spine as well as alignment issues while treating a sports injury or pain. On most occasions, the chiropractic treatment will involve spinal adjustments or manipulations for correcting any possible misalignment.

However, it is advisable for any child suffering from back pain to be assessed by a medical practitioner before undergoing chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor can also deal with other essential aspects of treatment including employment of therapeutic workouts, usage of prescription medications, evaluation of any underlying medical condition, and so forth.

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