Santa Monica, Ocean Avenue

Santa Monica, Ocean Avenue

Santa Monica, CA

Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

When people are planning to visit California, they think of the sea, sand, and other famous attractions. But very few people know about the great things found in Santa Monica. Santa Monica has is one of the most visited cities in California. Whether you are planning to visit for a week, during the weekend, or for a few days, there are so many things to see and do in Santa Monica, California.

Santa Monica is a busy resort city that provides a wide range of activities. You can visit Santa Monica Beach, Palisades Park, and the popular Santa Monica Pier among others. It is a friendly city that offers various public transport options. While in Santa Monica, you cannot miss a tour of Ocean Avenue. Ocean Avenue is a street in Santa Monica that has astounding attractions. Whether you want to enjoy international food or to do some shopping, Ocean Avenue has everything that meets your needs. Below are some of the things to do on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California.

Things to do on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California

Shopping – Some people think Santa Monica is not a nice place to go shopping. But if you are on Ocean Avenue, you will surely enjoy every bit of your shopping. Shopping on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California is excellent. From jewelry to shells and collectibles, there is every item you need.

People touring the area get a chance to buy great products for the loved ones at various historic stores that sell customary collections. There are also several monuments and great buildings that will keep you entertained through your visit.

Activities – For the lovers of plays, there are all the activities you can imagine on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. There are great clubs, restaurants, and hotels to keep you entertained during the day and at night. For instance, you can visit the famous Palisades Park. It is a park that is on top of coastal sandstone hills, providing breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It has beaches, restrooms, picnic areas, and an unusual rose garden. If you would want some Spa services and amenities, Spa Le Merigot is a great place to visit. If you are visiting Santa Monica for the first time, Ocean Avenue is the best place to begin the fun.

Eat – Whether you would want to try the fabulous Korean Food or you want some seafood, dining on Ocean Avenue is exceptional. There are several old restaurants that have been serving locals and tourists for decades. This means you can be served the traditional American seafood, modern foods, fast foods, and fascinating drinks. There are modern bars such as Cameo Bar that is a nice place to spend the night with friends.

Ocean Avenue may look like a simple street but it has great spots for the entire family. There are dining spots, Parks, big hotels, entertainment joints, nightclubs, and great beachfront hangouts for all. Happily, it is easy to move and tour the great places at this great avenue. The public transportation system in Santa Monica is very effective.

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