Palisades Park, Santa Monica

Palisades Park, Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA

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Things To Do In Palisades Park, Santa Monica

Almost 10 million people visited Santa Monica, California last year. That is approximately one-fifth of all the tourists who visit Los Angeles in a year. Therefore, there is something special about Santa Monica that makes everyone around the globe dream of touring the place.

From the weather to attractions, there are several reasons why you need to visit this beachfront city in Los Angeles, California. Santa Monica is a town that manages seaside calm and natural beauty. Since it is surrounded by mountains and beaches on either side, it is a city with its own beauty. It has more than enough for everyone. One of the best places to visit when in Santa Monica city is Palisades Park.

Palisades Park is a large palm tree park that sits on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Beach. Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is so much that Palisades Park has to offer.

Things to do at Palisades Park in Santa Monica

It is a 25-acre park in Santa Monica, California. It is a famous park that is located along Ocean Avenue and on top of coastal stone hills. Due to its location, it offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. From Santa Monica Pier to Adelaide Drive, it is one of the great tourist attractions for people visiting Santa Monica, California.

If you are looking for a nice place to provide you with a fantastic ocean view, Palisades Park is the best place. It offers the best image of Los Angeles’s beach that every tourist would wish when visiting California.

It is a park that gives visitors artworks, entertainment, and sculptures that they can all enjoy. In addition, there are beautiful and outstanding trees throughout the park. This means you can bask in the shade to protect yourself from the strong California sun. If you are a runner, biker, walker or hiker, this is a great place for you to tour. You can also do your exercises, take some pictures or have a rest on the park. There are several running paths for people who want to work out along the coast. It is also an amazing park for the seniors. This is because there is a senior center that is situated at the end of this park.

Why visit Palisades Park?

Palisades Park is one of the most popular parks on the west coast of California. It is popular with locals, tourists and sportsmen, and sportswomen. The park is entertaining, engaging and very active. Whether you are a going tourist or an elderly, there is something for you at the park.

Apart from receiving many tourists from different parts of the world, locals provide more information to new visitors. Hence, the nature, friendly people, and calmness of the park make it a unique and lovely place to visit. In addition, there are many natural and manmade things to do and explore in Palisades Park. So, if you are a biker, hiker, runner, or an athlete, do not miss visiting this park when in Los Angeles, California.

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