Pacific Park in Santa Monica

Pacific Park in Santa Monica

Pacific Park in Santa Monica is a popular oceanfront amusement park in California. The park faces the
Pacific Ocean and is the only admission-free park in Los Angeles. In other words, you have to pay only for
the rides you opt for in this park. Pacific Park is the country’s only amusement park located on a pier on the
West Coast. It has made its appearance in several famous Hollywood movies and the all-time favorite Grand
Theft V video game.

Roots of Pacific Park in Santa Monica
The Santa Monica Pier welcomed the public in September 1909. Over the years, the Pier witnessed several
ups and downs. In 1982, the Pier was damaged severely by storms and four years later, it was renovated.
In May 1996, the Pacific Park was set up as the first amusement park on the pier. Two years later, the Park
launched the world’s only nine-story solar Ferris wheel that elevated the riders to a height of 130 feet over
the Pacific ocean. Two decades after inception, the Park lit up the Ferris wheel with 174,000 LED lights to
increase the colors displayed.

12 thrilling rides
With 12 thrilling rides, you will have no reason to complain. Children also get the chance to enjoy with other
kids on the block. Let’s check out some of the attractive rides.

The Ferris wheel continues to be one of the most sought after rides in the Pacific Park. Riders get to
experience a panoramic view of the South Carolina coastline. The wheel stops at various points for
passengers to board.

Shark Frenzy is another interesting ride where you get a chance to sit inside the mouth of a shark and move
around in a circular track.

Frog Hopper keeps kids entertained with vertical bounces from high in the air.

Sig Alert EV is one ride that the whole family can enjoy. Each member can sit in an EV that goes around in
circles and has a dual joystick lever control to direct the car according to your preferences.

Inkie’s Wave Jumper is again a pier top surf ride that gives the riders the experience of riding a wave by
jumping up and down as well as bouncing around.

Games for everyone

Just like the thrilling rides, there are several games in Pacific Park in Santa Monica for you to try your
luck and win a prize. The games keep changing often and you may be able to play a new game every time
you visit the Park. A few popular games that are sure to keep you entertained are listed below.

Water Race is fun for the whole family. All you have to do is use a water gun and shoot a plush character
using a stream of water fired from the gun.

Cat Rack is undoubtedly a bowler’s delight as it gives an opportunity to demonstrate the throwing skills.
You must knock out the zany clown faces arranged in several rows and an accurate aim helps you bag the

Ring Toss is the traditional hoopla game where you have to throw a plastic ring and it has to land over one
of the several bottles.

Dining and shopping
After rides and games, you can indulge in some light bites, beverages, ice creams or fast food. There are
several restaurants and a dining plaza for you to sit down and relax with your favorite food or drink inside
the premises. If you want something fast, you can head to a food cart or a quick service stall.

You can finally conclude your visit to the Pacific Park in Santa Monica by checking out various shops
inside the venue and shop for souvenirs or clothes and other genuine Californian gifts at great prices for a
memorable remembrance of a day well spent.

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