History of Santa Monica

History of Santa Monica

Santa Monica


Santa Monica is one of California’s most beautiful districts. It’s actually between Los Angeles and the Gulf with the same name. This is a city which is out of traffic, more than 13 km 2, which provides easy access to restaurants, shops, and attractions for residents and guests. History of Santa Monica is well known since the city is considered as the most educated city in the country.

Santa Monica was founded by the Spaniards in the 1500s and its name was named after Francis Pujari in 1769, which took inspiration from natural sources so that it could be called “Santa Monica”.

Being a meeting place for rich and influential people Santa Monica. has always been a meeting destination for many rich individuals. Today, the rich men and women will always choose to dine a dine at the restaurant and shop at many shops in this city as it has more to offer.

Santa Monica is home to many important places that attract tourists to tourists. This Parkhurst building is built by the former city mayor, Charles Parkhurst, which was named as a monument in 1978. Miramar Hotel, which is presently in the form of a luxury hotel, has stars like Greta Garbo, its first resident, after its construction. A Miles Playhouse built in 1929 and still used for theatrical production. In the end, Loof was built in 1916 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987, which looks like a pleasant round at the top of the building and reminds the people of the Old West that a great Made in style, would imagine if all the communities had lots of money. And you can not go to Santa Monica without going to Santa Monica Pier, which is full of attractions, shops, and restaurants in the theme park.

Of course, Santa Monica is known for its beach, which is named Santa Monica Beach, which certainly allows access to the Pacific Ocean. With an average of 340 sunny days per year and with a very mild climate, it is an ideal place to play swimming, surf, fish and beach volleyball. Generally, there is a sea breeze, which enhances comfort, and the beach is very clean.

Finally, there are some of the world’s most luxurious homes in Santa Monica. Many of them are old houses that have been updated and updated. In 1964, there was a Niemair-Stick house built by a Brazilian architect Oscar Niemair, who received the Pritzker Award for design in 1988, but initially, it was not allowed to name his name on the permit, because he Had support. This is Zuni House, which was built in 1923 in the style of Maya architecture. And you have the property of Marion Davis, which was created by William Randolph Hearst on the seashore for the movie star Marion Davis.

While Santa Monica is home to rich and famous people, the city also tracks “economic units” which can be acquired from all rehabilitation agencies in the area. Consumers can get real estate for rent or general residential properties throughout the city, but most of them are not cheap.

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