Famous Attractions In Santa Monica

Famous Attractions In Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California

Famous Attractions in Santa Monica

The city of Santa Monica has a historical past, a Who’s Who, a present and a bright future. The coastal city of Los Angeles hosts movie stars, beachfront properties, theme parks, and expansive natural beauties. Santa Monica is fast becoming the tourist destination of the South Coast of America. Here’s a quick guide on what to do if you’re lucky enough to visit this glittering city soon.

1) The dock. Located at the end of the historic Route 66, the Santa Mónica Pier entered prominently for the first time at the end of the 19th century. Called then the spring of fun, the funny part has never left its being. A Ferris wheel (illuminated by economically friendly solar panels at night) anchoring the back of the dock while a fun roller coaster and a fun ride in the middle of the carnival games and rides for kids to sit at the front. There are many restaurants and restaurants, as well as circus performers, anglers and music shows, and nightly shows to keep you entertained. All this takes place 35 feet above the calm waters of the Pacific and gives you a glimpse of the expanding city of Los Angeles. The name of the attractions on the pier is Pacific Park.

2) Go Third Street. Behind the Ocean Boulevard, which runs parallel to the beach, is the Third Street Promenade. After a new coat of paint or two in 1992, Third Street Promenade has quickly become the destination for tourists and locals alike to watch a movie (there are 3 different theaters), something to eat (there are over 200 restaurants to choose from) or find these pants or the perfect gift. Almost all brand stores in the 2-mile chain are conceivable. And there are no vehicles (or skateboards) in Third Street; It is a real destination for pedestrians. A rarity in Los Angeles.

3) Santa Monica Square The southern end of Third Street Promenade is the recently renovated (and now homeless) Santa Monica Place. For years, Santa Monica was just another great mall, but after a heavy refurbishment last summer, the mall was topless and the high-end homes moved. Now the mall is a real extension of the boardwalk and only adds to shopping, dining, and fun that you can have in the area.

4) Angel attic floor: This is a hidden gem, located on Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. The place is literally filled with hundreds of dolls and antique treasures and serves tea. A great place to bring the little ones or lighten for a few minutes and catch your breath.

5) Santa Monica Air Museum. When the city began, it was not just on the coast, but also on the small runway that Douglas built there as a place to build small fighter jets. Hundreds of homes in and around the city were built for the first time to house airline workers and their families. Now there is a large Museum of Flight located in the airport of Santa Monica, which shows ancient planes and teaches not only the history of flying but also the history of Santa Monica.

In the tourist town of Santa Monica, there are many natural and artificial things to see and do. Hopefully, this short guide serves as a starting point for your vacation.

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