Downtown Santa Monica

Downtown Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California

Downtown Santa Monica

We all know Santa Monica for its famous beach as well as the reputed pier. However, there are plenty of other things to do in this location even though you might not be a beach person. In the following paragraphs, we have thrown light on all about downtown Santa Monica, California that will make you feel happy and satisfied as a traveler.

1. Stroll down the Third Street Promenade

This particular location is popular amongst both the locals as well as the tourists. In case you are tired after doing shopping for the whole day and would like to get some relaxation, the promenade will make it possible for you. Here you’ll come across some talented performers on the street who will help to keep you relaxed. Moreover, the mall has been updated recently and it can boast of a fantastic dining terrace where one can consume his or her favorite dishes and satisfy the taste buds in the process.

2. Watch people at the beach

You’ll come across some of the most athletic residents of Los Angeles on the left side of the pier who would be displaying their talents which will be enough to make you simply mesmerized. In case you’d like to display something on your own, then this place would be ideal for that.

3. Go to the Bermagot Station Arts Center

In case you’d like to satisfy the right side of your brain and also allow your artistic side to run wildly, then it would be sensible to visit the famous Bermagot Station Arts Center. Here you will find multiple galleries consisting of the reputed Santa Monica Museum of Art as well as an intriguing café. Above all, this location is absolutely free for anybody to visit.

4. Shopping on the Main Straight

The Main Street can boast of quite a few exclusive retail stores which sell both expensive as well as affordable stuff. Here you’ll come across the mind-boggling Urth Café as well as Angel City Books where it is possible to purchase your favorite publications plus vinyl records. You might also make it a point to go to the Farmer’s Market and if you’re lucky you can get the sight off any celebrity out there.

5. Go to the Annenberg Community Beach House

Being stationed on a property covering an area of 5 acres, the reputed Annenberg Community Beach House was previously a mansion which was constructed by William Hearst. At present, it has become a public space for any tourist to pay a visit without spending anything at all. However, one might require spending some money for using the public pool.

6. Unwind at Palisades Park

This particular park is a bit different than the other recreational areas in Santa Monica and it covers a vast area overlooking the beach. Here you will find many exclusive pieces of art and sculpture, and also some huge trees providing plenty of shade for relaxing along with your near and dear ones. This location has been positioned conveniently between the promenade and the ocean, thus providing you with the opportunity to enjoy both.

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