Chiropractor V.S. Physical Therapist

Chiropractor V.S. Physical Therapist

Whats Difference Between A Chiropractor And Physical Therapist

A couple of options are available to an individual who wants to pursue the career of a health practitioner, namely, a physical therapist and a chiropractor. Both these occupations will allow the physician to treat different types of injuries although the scope of treatment is going to vary considerably. In this article, we have highlighted on this topic: the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist.



A chiropractor will mainly focus on the spinal region as well as any musculoskeletal issue by making proper diagnosis and treatment. This makes us believe that it would be prudent to show a chiropractor in case we do suffer from any back problem.


When it comes to education, a chiropractor must attend a chiropractic school for at least 5 years and he should likewise complete a 1-year residency after obtaining an undergraduate degree. This suggests that it will take at least 10 years to qualify as a competent chiropractor.

The Treatment:

While undergoing a chiropractic treatment, one needs to go through joint adjustments as well as soft-tissue manipulation. On most occasions, no surgical procedure will be required. Moreover, chiropractors are not going to issue any prescription though they might recommend you to any physical practitioner if needed. Many chiropractors mainly work in private clinics out there although the others might be working in hospitals as well as for health networks.

Physical Therapist:

A physical therapist will emphasize restoring the mobility as well as body function of those individuals who have experienced any injury or are struggling with some disease not to mention aging as well. In fact, many folks who have met with a vehicle mishap or has undergone a major surgery can show a physical therapist later on.


A physical therapist’s educational program can vary significantly depending on the educational institution as well as the specifications of the applicable state. One must hold a bachelor’s degree so as to become a physical therapist and he should also undergo a full-time internship for at least 30 weeks. Programs can range between 3,000 instructional hours and as many as 5,000 as well. In most cases, this will lead to a total educational requirement for 7 to 8 years prior to becoming a PT.

The Treatment

Physical therapy can consist of several techniques focused on muscle manipulation as well as joint manipulation. Physical therapists will not be able to issue any prescription (with the exception of military PTs in restricted conditions) and won’t usually resort to surgical procedures apart from basic wound care. Although physical therapists sometimes practice in private clinics, they are typically prevalent in health networks and hospitals.

In case you need to choose between these 2 professions, the focus will mainly lie with what your interests are when it comes to being a health practitioner. One thing is for sure that both these professions will provide you with substantial revenues, employment opportunities, and specialties and none will not be a clear winner when it comes to generating a higher pay cheque. However, while selecting between these 2 career options, it is important to make sure that you go through the guidelines for each option meticulously since it can vary considerably from one state to another.

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