Chiropractic Care For Carpel Tunnel

Chiropractic Care For Carpel Tunnel


What is meant by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? CTS ( carpal tunnel syndrome) refers to an ailment which happens because of a pinched nerve present in the wrist . This condition can trigger numbness as well as pain in the thumb, index as well as middle fingers. This ailment derives its name from the 8 bones present in our wrist known as carpals which form a tunnel along with a ligament present in our wrist via which 3 nerves leading to our hand pass through.

Individuals struggling with CTS typically show indications of tingling and/or numbness in the thumb and middle fingers in the initial stages. This particular feeling can arise while performing our daily chores like holding a telephone or a steering wheel and so forth. The feeling might extend from the wrist up to the arm. The patient might tend to drop things due to the weakness of the muscles of their thumb which are regulated by the median nerve which is going to lose strength on most occasions. With the passage of time, the discomfort can be so severe that it might be enough to wake up the sufferer in the midst of his slumber. Fortunately, it is possible to minimize this discomfort as well as other symptoms with the help of an experienced chiropractor.

In the following paragraphs, we will throw light on the topic: how chiropractic care can help with carpel tunnel syndrome.

Alternative to surgical procedures

Even though surgery can prove to be an effective way to treat CTS, it is nevertheless an invasive method with a certain amount of risks. On the contrary, chiropractic care can help you immensely and also it will not need anesthesia. Competent chiropractors will help to enhance the alignment in our system and also identify the root cause of the CTS.

It has been revealed by recent studies that individuals struggling with CTS will be able to reduce their pain and enhance their range of motion by opting for chiropractic care. Apart from this, seeing an experienced chiropractor will be beneficial for the long term as well. In fact, sufferers receiving treatment for CTS will start feeling much better within only 6 months of visiting the chiropractor.

Home care

The majority of the individuals have no idea of how to treat their wrists at their own residences. However, they will be taught by the chiropractors on how to make some alterations in their lifestyles so as to reduce pain in their hands significantly. The chiropractors will likewise prescribe workouts as well as other treatment options which can be executed at one’s own residence without any difficulty at all.


Chiropractors are known to put emphasis on the prevention of the occurrence of CTS which affects so many folks at present. In fact, you will have a high possibility of getting affected by this condition in case your profession entails the frequent movement of your hands on a regular basis. Chiropractors will help you to find a way to reduce the repetitive movement of your hands and will likewise teach you some stretching exercises for your hands as well as arms. Consequently, make it a point to come in touch with your chiropractor at the earliest for finding out how to prevent CTS once and for all.

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