Active Release Technique for Neck Pain

Active Release Technique for Neck Pain

How Active Release Technique can help with neck pain

Are your neck muscles tight that you are unable to stretch them? Are you finding it hard to turn your neck when you are driving? If you are having stiff neck problems, then this article will give you the best solution for your questions.

Do not allow neck pain to ruin your career or performance. Neck pain manifests itself in several
ways which can cause irritation and discomfort in your body. There are several causes of neck pain such as poor posture and not doing physical exercises regularly. Neck pain occurs mostly to people who sit for long hours in offices while they are working. This article will explain how active release technique can help with neck pain.

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What is Active Release Technique for treating neck pain?

Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue therapy that relieves tight neck muscles and thus reducing the neck pain. It is one of the leading pain management therapies that are mostly used by professional athletes. In the treatment of neck pain, the pressure is applied manually in the muscles that are on the top of the neck. The patient is requested to move her or his head in a direction that will lengthen the muscle. This therapy hurts, and patients need that stretch only that they cannot do that on their own. When a muscle is tightened the technique increases the tolerance of the nervous system of the patient. The Active release technique is used by many companies to treat various strain injuries that are repetitive.

Benefits of Using Active Release Technique to Treat Neck Pain 

-Increases Flexibility

Studies have shown that you can increase flexibility by merely relaxing your neck muscles and minimizing tough adhesions that are near them through a single active release technique therapy. This increased flexibility will help you lead healthy and active lifestyles as your susceptibility to injuries have been reduced.

-Improves Range of Motion after an Injury

Studies show that ART helps to enhance the mobility of patients following neck injuries. It has been found useful especially when treating neck pain that has been chronic caused by sports or work-related injuries.

-Reduces Neck Pain

ART helps to relieve stiff neck muscles and thus helps to reduce neck pains.

ART is different from other soft tissue therapy because it makes use of patients’ movements to create tension on the injured tissue. Every session treats and examines the progress of the damaged soft tissue. ART is applied to specific muscles, unlike the body massage that targets the whole body. Most body massage only helps to improve blood circulation and reduces the tension of the muscles. But it does not mitigate adhesions which prevent proper functioning of your neck.

Active Release Technique is a precise treatment for neck pain though at times it can be painful, which means that it might not suit everyone. It is crucial that you undergo examination before you start using this technique especially if you have neck injuries.

Various patients respond differently to ART treatments, and therefore you should not compare yourself with any other patients. If you are having pain in your neck, then you need to consult our chiropractic physician about ART neck treatments. This article has provided information on how Active Release Technique can help on neck pain that
readers wanted to know.

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