The Benefits of Active Release Technique

The Benefits of Active Release Technique

Active release technique (ART) has become a popular way for easing muscle tension. People with muscle pain such as back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain prefer this treatment method due to the benefits it provides. Active release technique can also be used to relieve joints stress and revive dead muscle after an injury.

Why most people choose Active Release Technique

Today, a huge number of people complain of various chronic & acute pains. And with so many hearing techniques being used, it is important to choose one that deals with the real cause of the pain. Even though ART is similar to a deep massage, it is more effective and has many benefits. It is a healing technique that manipulates the soft tissues to offer comfort and relieve the pain. Happily, the treatment does not use drugs. It works by touching fascia (connective-tissue), ligaments and the muscles to help restore the usual state of the affected muscle. Below are the main health benefits of ART.

The Benefits of Active-Release Technique

1. Reduces chronic backache

Nowadays, many people complain of lower back pains. And one of the main benefits of the active-release technique is reducing chronic or acute back pain. It can help to lower many symptoms related to back pain by breaking down the scar tissue and releasing the compressed nerve tissue.

2. Improved flexibility

Apart from relieving back pain, active release technique is a good treatment for relaxing the muscles and soft tissues. This helps to reduce stickiness between the joints and the muscles. According to numerous studies, active release technique is a great treatment that can be used to improve stiff joints and flexibility of the muscles due to an injury. After the treatment, people with muscle problems can easily move like normal.

3. Can be used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Studies also discovered that active release technique can offer amazing benefits to individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many successful cases of how ART has been effective for the patients.

4. Best approach after an injury

Another benefit of active release technique is that it provides the ability of movement. Many athletes, especially those experiencing musculoskeletal-disorders can benefit a lot from the treatment. It is a great technique for treating chronic pain due to work, sports or workouts.

5. Help to improve performance and prevents injury

Active release technique does not only treat sports injuries, it is also a good approach that can be used to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries. For sportsmen and women suffering from serious injuries, ART is an outstanding and the fastest recovery method. This is done by restoring muscle tone, reducing inflammation, and helping the body maintain its elasticity.


Active release technique is a treatment model that manipulates soft tissues to break the adhesions. Happily, no drugs or surgeries used to relieve the pain. It is a good approach that can be used to prevent injury, improve flexibility, increase speed and motion, and speed up recovery in athletes. It has over 500-movements that can be used to get rid of muscle pain.

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