How Active Release Technique Can Help With Back Pain
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How Active Release Technique Can Help With Back Pain

How Active Release Technique can Help with Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common aches most people experience. According to numerous statistics, more than 80 percent of adults around the world experience pain in their back due to various reasons. Even though lower back pain is the most common, some people suffer upper back pain and middle back pain as well.

If you are suffering from any form of back pain, it is not a normal condition that should not be addressed. There are numerous treatment options you can try to relieve the pain. By visiting a reliable clinic, a professional back pain doctor can assist you by reviewing available options to find out the best technique that can work best for you. One of the most recognized techniques is Active Release Technique.

Active Release Technique is a soft tissue massage therapy used to relieve muscle stress and pain. Hence, if you are experiencing chronic pain in the back, visit a trustworthy chiropractic clinic for help.

What are Active Release Techniques?

A.R.Ts are soft-tissue treatments that help to relieve tissue tension by removing adhesions/fibrosis which normally develop in body tissues due to repetitive overload. Tissue disorders can lead to numbness, muscular weakness, aching and burning sensations. Active Release Techniques are used as diagnostic and as treatment techniques.

During the treatment, the practitioner uses a manual technique to apply tensile, compressive and shear forces at the affected areas. The patient is then instructed to move the affected area from a shortened position to a lengthened one. The main aim of these techniques is to restore unrestrained motion on all soft tissues and re-establish optimal texture and function of soft tissues.

How Active Release Technique can help with back pain

Active release technique can help to reduce symptoms of back pain, which are known to be the leading sources of chronic back pain. Back pain and especially the lower backache is commonly triggered by abnormal connections and activation within the upper legs. But the A.R.T helps to release compressed nerves.

A.R.T relaxes the muscles by reducing tough adhesions around joints and muscles. According to statistics, even a single Active Release Technique session can help increase muscle flexibility and help reduce lower back pain. However, doctors recommended two times per week sessions for around three for complete healing. However, it mostly depends on the patient and the nature of the problem.

Active Release Techniques are also used in the treatment of knee pain, shin splints, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and headache among many other chronic pains.

What to expect from Active Release Technique?

Active Release Technique for back pain is a precise treatment. Before the treatment, a thorough examination is done to ensure the patients receive all the benefits associated with the technique. Many people experience remarkable results and improvements after several A.R.T sessions.

Active release techniques are administered by many health care providers but the most accepted are the massage therapists and chiropractors. Hence, to avoid further pain or injury, always ensure you receive treatment from certified A.R.T providers.


Back pain is a common problem experienced by many people around the world. Whether it is acute or chronic in nature, Active Release Techniques is one of the best treatments to relieve that pain. Happily, A.R.T have a success rate of 90 percent without any significant adverse effects. The techniques offer faster recovery in case of an injury and also restore normal functions within a short time.

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